latest and best loving shayari in hindi for your husband

itni muhabbat dun ka

itni muhabbat dun ka

Latest and best love shayari in hindi for  your husband

Your best and latest loving shayari for husband; What are the life of husband and wife?How it started? I explain that in latest and best loving shayari in hindi for your husband……. and wife said husband

My as we stand here on our wedding day my heart is overflowing with love for you. Since the moment you came into my life you have been a source of love and joy. You are kind thoughtful and you have the sweet heart. Your sense of humor and wit continues to make me fall in love with you every day. I love that i am sometimes the only one who laughing at your jokes. I truly believe you make me a good person.   With you i feel safe loved accepted and appreciated. You truly see me for who i am and you love me at my best and worst.

Shayari for a Husband

shayari for a husband

1-Hum Jab Jab Bhi Tumhe Dekhte Hai Na
Hume Apni Choice Par Bohot Proud Feel Hota Hai

2-“Aap jo aye to mere in hothon ko muskan mili hai,
Aap jo aye to mere dil ko ek nai jaan mili hai,
Mili hai her khushi bepanha
Or hume ek nai phechan mili hai”

यदि आपका नाम सम्मानित है,
यदि आप मेन में रहना चाहते हैं,
आपको यह पृष्ठ छोड़ना होगा
दिल का ऐज़ और मेरे पास कुछ है .. !!


Tere naam ko apne honto pe sajaya hain mene,
Teri ruh ko apne dil mein basaya hain maine,
Duniya tumhe dhondte dhondte ho jayegi pagal
Dil ke aeise kone mein chhupaya hain mene..!!

आपनी मुहब्बत लताओ में,
मैं आपकी मदद करना चाहता हूं,
हाय तुम हमारे साथ जाना होगा
आप्की बहोन में आओ या सिमट जाओ में।

Apni mohabbat lutao mein,
Bana ke pyar ka sama apko chaon mein,
Aap hi tu ho humare sab kuch
Aapki bahon mein aao or simat jao mein.

tere nam se

Tere naam se mohabbat ki hain,
Tere ehsaas se mohabbat ki hai,

Tum mere pass nahi phir bhi,
Tumhari yaad se mohabbat ki hai.

Kbhi tumne bhi mujhe yaad kiya hoga
Maine un lamho se mohabbat ki hain,

Tum se milna to ek khwab sa lagta hain,
Mene tumhare intezar se mohabbat ki hai.

Relationship of husband and wife

It is a beautiful creation of Good who create a this beautiful relationship.IF wife understand husband and husband understand wife then they spend a happiest life and there relationship is so good. Wife true love husband and she feel a very proud with him when he said you are my life my love.When wife very happy with our husband then she say him Dear you have no idea how much i love you.The day i met you my life change.The way you make me feel is hard to make me smile in a special kind of way. you make me fall  in love deeper every day.If you really like this post” latest loving shayari in hindi for your husband” then share it.

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“Apni mohabbat lutao mein,
Bana ke pyar ka sama apko chaon mein,
Aap hi tu ho humare sab kuch
Aapki bahon mein aao or simat jao mein.”

shayari for husband

shayari for husband

Aaj apki ankhon mein ankhen daal ker,
Pyar ka aitbaar karu mein.

Aap to ho hi humare,
To Kyo aaj intezar karu mein.

Jo sirf apke liye hai,
Wo Jee bhar ke pyar karu mein.

Love shayari for husband

Latest and best loving shayari in hindi for you husband we express the fellings of wife.Unless  you express your love for your husband, he will never know how you fell for him.Sweet easily overlooked details likeleaving i love you shayari in his shirt stash , posting love shayari on facebook, sending I miss you messages while he is grinding away and sharing clever sticks on pinterest go far in reviving the fellings in your marriage, Such romantic signals can turn into the establishment of the closeness in your realtionship as a couple.

kash kushiyon ki dukan

“Kash khushiyon ki kahi dukan hoti Aur
hamari waha pehechan hoti
Aap ka har pal khushiyon se bhar dete
Kimat uski chahe meri jaan hoti……

sath agr doge

Saath Agar Doge Muskrayenge Zarur,

Pyar Agar Dil Se Karoge To Nibhayenge Zarur,

Raah Me Kitne Kante Q Na Ho,

Awaz Agar Dil Se Doge To Aayenge Zarur

shayari pic for husband

shayari pic for husband

Tumhe Chahta Hai Kyun Itna Yeh Dil,

Ke Ab Dil Pe Bas Na Chale,

Bahut Din Se Is Dil Ki Zidd Hai Sanam,

Tumhe Hum Laga Le Gale, 

Tumse Milneki Ab To Chahat Hai,

Tum Kya Jano Dil Ki Kya Halat Hai.

shayar for a husband

shayari for a husband

जो इंसान आपको खुश रख सकता है,
उससे ज्यादा Perfect आपके लिए कोई नहीं हो सकता!

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