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Attitude shayari

Attidue shayari

Attitude Shayari in Hindi and English Font : we have a tendency to square measure providing Latest assortment of Shayari for angle. Entire assortment having terribly spectacular Shayari, SMS and standing that’s appropriate for boys and women, friends, girlfriend, boyfriend. I hope you likable this. Today, folks show their self-important pride and elegance through the High angle Shayari. it’s typically seen that folks victimisation the angle and attitude Shayari in Shirana vogue, and shows their attitudes on Facebook and Whatsapp. People square measure crazy to share Hindi attitude Shayari on Whatsapp and Facebook. Each boy and lady needs to line up a Whatsapp standing that shows his/her angle and temperament. If you’re trying to find Latest attitude and love Shayari then you’re at the proper place. Here you may notice Best hindi Attitude Shayari (रवैया शायरी), that you’ll be able to share on social media together with your friends

Bikne Wale Aur Bhi Hain

बिकने वाले और भी हैं जाओ जाकर खरीद लो,
हम कीमत से नहीं किस्मत से मिला करते हैं।

attitude shayari

Bikne Wale Aur Bhi Hain Jao Jakar Khareed Lo,
Hum Kimat Se Nahin Kismat Se Mila Karte Hain.

Haq sa agr do

Haq Se Do Toh Tumhari Nafrat Bhi Qabool Humein,
Khairat Mein Toh Hum Tumhari Mohabbat Bhi Na Lein……

हक़ से दो तो तुम्हारी नफरत भी कबूल हमें,
खैरात में तो हम तुम्हारी मोहब्बत भी न लें।

 attitude shayari

“Sooraj Dhala Toh Kad Se Unche Ho Gaye Saaye,
Kabhi Pairo Se Raundi Thi Yehi Parchhaiyan Humne….

सूरज ढला तो कद से ऊँचे हो गए साये,
कभी पैरों से रौंदी थी यहीं परछाइयां हमने।  

Building a positive Attitude

Direct attack is a method used to face,  a problem recognize it ,and try to solve it. Compensation– a technique in which you focus on strength to make up for a weakness in another area.                                                                                                                                                        Set reasonable expectations– when people accept to much form themselves or other expectations may be difficult to reach. They may become discouraged and feel they cannot success. Use positive self-talk- message that you send is positive messages will result more positive about yourselves.

Faqeer Mizaaz Hoon

फ़क़ीर मिज़ाज़ हूँ, मै अपना अंदाज़
औरों से जुदा रखती हूँ,
लोग मस्जिदो मे जाते है,
मै अपने दिल मे ख़ुदा रखती हूँ।

attitude shayari

“Faqeer Mizaaz Hoon, Mai Apna Andaaz
Auron Se Juda Rakhati Hoon,
Log Masjido Me Jaate Hai,
Main Apne Dil Me Khuda Rakhti Hoon……”

Bekhudi Ki Zindagi Ham Jiya Nahin Karte,
Jaam Doosron Se Chheenkar Ham Piya Nahin Karte,
Unko Mahobat Hai To Aakar Izahar Karen,
Peechha Ham Bhi Kisika Kiya Nahin Karate.

बेखुदी की जिंदगी हम जिया नहीं करते,
जाम दूसरों से छीनकर हम पिया नहीं करते,
उनको महोबत है तो आकर इज़हार करें,
पीछा हम भी किसीका किया नहीं करते।…..

Zindagi Ki Har Ek Udaan Baaki Hai,
Har Mod Par Ek Imthaan Baaki Hai,
Abhi To Sirf Aap Hi Pareshaan Hai Mujhse,
Abhi To Poora Hindustaan Baaki Hai…….

ज़िंदगी की हर एक उड़ान बाकी है,
हर मोड़ पर एक इम्तिहान बाकी है,
अभी तो सिर्फ़ आप ही परेशान है मुझसे,
अभी तो पूरा हिन्दुस्तान बाकी है।……

About Attitude Shayari

Read here our latest assortment of perspective Shayari, perspective Shayari in Hindi, New perspective Shayari, Aukaat Shayari, Akad Shayari, Cool Boys perspective Shayari in Hindi. Overall assortment having terribly spectacular Shayari that’s appropriate for Boys and women, Friends, Girlfriend and swainyou’ll be able to set these Shayari Facebook & Whatsapp with image.

  • I have an attitude that is beyond our level.
  • Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen , other makes it happen.
  • Hurt me with a truth but never comfort me with a lie.
  • Always remember you are unique just like everyone else.
  • Don’t be a slave in heaven, Be a king of hell.
  • People may hear your words but they fell your attitude.
  • I don’t need to explain myself, because I know I’m right.
  • Life is a daily cleansing negativity must be washed away,If you wish to  attract positive experiences to your life.

Qayamat Ka Har Toofaan…

Mere Saath Jab Main Khud Khada Hota Hoon,
Tab Main Qayamat Ke Har Toofaan Se Bada Hota Hoon.


“मेरे साथ जब मैं खुद खड़ा होता हूँ,
तब मैं क़यामत के हर तूफ़ान से बड़ा होता हूँ……”

Mere Baare Mein Apni Soch Ko Thhoda Badal Ke Dekh,
Mujhse Bhi Bure Hain Log Tu Ghar Se Nikal Ke Dekh.♥♥♥

“Bhulkar Hamein Agar Tum Rehte Ho Salamat,
Toh BhulKe Tumko Sambhlna Humein Bhi Aata Hai,
Meri Fitrat Mein Yeh Aadat Nahi Hai Varna,
Teri Tarah Badal Jana Humein Bhi Aata Hai.”

Mere Baare Mein Apni Soch Ko Thhoda Badal Ke Dekh,
Mujhse Bhi Bure Hain Log Tu Ghar Se Nikal Ke Dekh…..

Attitude Story from Rags to Riches

The college campus was looking lively. The fresh flowers, hoarding and those handmade hanging lamps, made the campus look more vivid and full of positive vibes. It was the 35th tradition debates competitions in association with “The British council”. The winner of the debates competitions will be awarded a scholarship and a chance to be the member of the “British Council Speaker Club”. To others this opportunity was like a normal competition , but to tanvi, this was her most awaited moment of the year.

Some quotations on attitude

  • Whatever happens, take responsibility. …
  • Never whine, never complain, never try to justify yourself. …
  • If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. …
  • If you don’t like something, change it. …
  • It is good people who make good places. …
  • Sooner or later, those who win are those who think they can.
  • The most important decision you make is to be in a good mood.
  • What others think of me is none of my business.
  • In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.
  • No one will hit you harder than life itself. It doesn’t matter how hard you hit back. It’s about how much you can take, and keep fighting, how much you can suffer and keep moving forward. That’s how you win.

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